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Roadgeeks (Un)Anonymous' Journal

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28th November 2009

cahwyguy8:31am: November Changes to California Highways
Yesterday and this morning I did updates to the Highway Pages:

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. I'm taking advantage of the day after Thanksgiving to do an update. The following are any updates from backed up email changes, notes from my reading of the papers (which are usually posted to the Facebook group), as well as updates from misc.transport.road (which has become useless). This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(1), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Alan Mintz(2)]:Route 47(1), Route 72(2), Route 91(1), Route 118(1), US 101(1), I-80(1), I-710(1), I-405(1). Additionally, Mike Locke provided an update on the steepness of Route 4.

Noted that past issues of California Highways and Public Works appear to be available online. One source is the Internet Archive; Nathan Edgars has also made them available via Wikipedia. I should note that the California Highways Wikipedia project is independent from this site: I do not work on the Wikiproject, although they may obtain information from my site. The editor of the Wikiproject, Nathan, has occasionally provided me with updates for my pages.

Looked for updates for the legislative information page. There were no updates, except for a special session called to deal with water policy.

Did something I've been meaning to do for over two years: a broken link check. A large number of links were deleted. This wasn't a small task, taking over 10 hours to check over 2,200 links, with over 500 of them being bad, and then identify where they were in the pages and remove them. Notable removables were Jeff Stapler's pages with Western Exits (the site has just disappeared), Joel Windmiller's highway pages that weren't preserved elsewhere (his original PacBell site is, surprisingly, still up, but his highwayman-routes is long gone, and he's never fleshed out Goldenstatehighways as promised), and all the Geocities pages (including Neuman Parada's third.cahighways.org and the original California Highways pages by David Stanek). I guess I'm the sole survivor in terms of route listings, no pictures. Caltrans has also moved a bunch of sites around, and newspapers, as they tend to do, have pulled source articles offline. I should also note that I discovered an error in Caltrans' Calnexus pages: they indicate that Route 75's page is 75.pdf, but that gives a 404. However, the older version of the exit list is still there at seventyfivenorth.pdf and seventyfivesouth.pdf.

I checked the CTC Liaision page,, but there was not a November meeting of the CTC. The next meeting is the week of December 9, 2010.  

3rd July 2009

cahwyguy8:50pm: May/June Changes to California Highways
Yet another long period between updates. No real excuse other than real life keeping me busy on the weekends. So let's dive in...

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25th January 2009

cahwyguy4:10pm: January Changes to California Highways
Well, the January changes to the California Highways pages are in. The gory details are below -- folks should probably click through to the legislative page changes, as there are some interesting non-highway bills there.

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24th December 2008

cahwyguy7:19pm: December Updates to California Highways

Another year has passed, and it is time for the last update of 2008. Just last year at this time I was deep in the bowels of the state codes, updating the chronology to be more accurate as to when each highway and highway segement was added to the state code. That was a massive task. Now we're in the midst of a recession, and who knows what will win: the cutting of state budgets and the postponing of road projects, or a massive stimulus plan that will get infrastructure construction going. I can't predict what will happen on the state or federal level, but I can reliabily predict that I'll be monitoring what is happening and attempting to capture it on these pages. No fancy animated graphics, no photo travellogues, but lots of information about numbered highways in California.

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30th November 2008

cahwyguy3:39pm: November Changes to California Highways
Well this is it. The penultimate update for 2008. Amazing to think that just a year ago I had original route statutes on the brain :-)

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19th October 2008

cahwyguy2:29pm: September/October Changes to California Highways
Yup, a quiet weekend for a change. This, of course, meant that I had some time to work on the highway pages.

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30th August 2008

cahwyguy8:02pm: July/August Updates to California Highways
Well, I finally got it done. The July/August updates to California Highways are in and uploaded.

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25th July 2008

_____misplaced3:10pm: California to Virginia
I want to start planning a roadtrip, it would be leaving south California (I'm in Palm Springs area/Coachella Valley). I am from Baltimore, visiting my grandmother in California for the summer, I am planning on moving to Norfolk, Virginia in September. I would definitely appreciate the experience of seeing the country by driving to Virginia. So it'd be you driving back by yourself, or maybe picking up a traveler in Virginia that wants to head to California (you never know!)

I do not have a vehicle, but a suspended license (that will hopefully be valid by September). We'd split everything 50/50, or however many people are coming. I have two luggages and one duffel bag. I'd like to really make this a great experience by stopping off in every state and trying to enjoy it someway. I'd love someone that shares my love of photography, and neat/kooky roadside attractions. I'd love to preplan the trip somewhat, with places (example: some hole in the wall coffee shop with great history and stories) to stop by and see on the way, or people to interact with (example: a online friend you've always wanted to meet)

A little about me, I am 26, female, born and raised in Florida, spent the last year living in Baltimore & loved it. I am very easy to get along with. I enjoy good literature, art, horror movies, and ALL kinds of music (mostly industrial, or underground hiphop) except country (but I'm sure I could deal with it).

If anyone is semi-interested or meet some of these requirements, please contact me. Or if anyone knows of ANY websites/databases that caters to People finding other People to roadtrip/travel with. I tried looking, and couldn't find any. There's got to be one, right?

12th July 2008

cahwyguy4:29pm: June/July Changes to California Highways

Now June. June was busy with my daughter's plays and her 8th grade graduation, combined with a lot of weekends lost to my other love: live theatre. So this month, again, combines two months worth of material.

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6th July 2008

pupslace12:48am: Emergency U.S. Route 30

Emergency U.S. Route 30

Well this is a new one for me, never thought I would see an "emergency" route.
Current Mood: amused

6th June 2008

movehalfaninch12:33am: WHAT'S THAT SONG???
What the song is that's in the 2009 Nissan Murano commercials that have been playing almost every other hour. It sounds so familiar and like something I would love, but I can't put my finger on what the band is and it's driving me nuts! Help!

30th May 2008

cahwyguy11:23am: Old California Shield in Commercial
As I was walking back to my office with my lunch, the TV in the cafeteria (which normally plays either CNN or Fox News) had on a commercial for Super 8 Motels. What caught my eye in this commercial was an Ohio road sign, followed by a current California road sign, followed by various license plates. Then, near the end, they showed a pre-1964 Calfornia white bear shield sign for Route 11. None of those are up anymore, so I'm wondering what prompted them to use this sign, and where they found it.

Has anyone else seen this commercial?

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26th May 2008

cahwyguy11:31am: April/May Updates to California Highways
The April/May updates to California Highways (“Everything You Wanted To Know About Numbered Highways In California But Were Afraid To Ask”) are up.

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5th April 2008

cahwyguy5:15pm: March Updates to California Highways
Well, better late than never. I just finished the March updates. This month's updates are dedicated to the memory of Gary Araki, who died in late February 2008. Gary was a long-time contributor to this site, and provided me with a late 1950s Renee atlas of Southern California that has proved very useful. Gary was involved in the site "The Bus Stops Here", and you can find a tribute to him on that site.

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15th February 2008

cahwyguy4:53pm: February Updates to California Highways
I took advantage of taking a vacation day to complete my February updates to California Highways.

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23rd January 2008

cahwyguy8:11pm: January Changes to California Highways
I’m pleased to announce that the January changes have been uploaded to California Highways. Interested readers should pay particular attention to the updated chronology pages, all of which have been reworked and reverified.

Starting on day one, I continued the process of making the updates to the chronology information based on the leads from Nathan Edgars II that I discussed in December. In addition to some minor errors caught in previous tables or routes, the following routes were updated: Route 23, Route 24, Route 25, Route 26, Route 27, Route 28, Route 29, Route 30, Route 31, Route 32, Route 33, Route 34, Route 35, Route 36, Route 37, Route 38, Route 39, I-40, Route 41, Route 42, Route 43, Route 44, Route 45, Route 46, Route 47, Route 48, Route 49, US 50, Route 51, Route 52, Route 53, Route 54, Route 55, Route 56, Route 57, Route 58, Route 59, Route 60, Route 61, Route 62, Route 63, Route 64, Route 65, Route 66, Route 67, Route 68, Route 69, Route 70, Route 71, Route 72, Route 73, Route 74, Route 75, Route 76, Route 77, Route 78, Route 79, I-80, Route 81, Route 82, Route 83, Route 84, Route 85, Route 86, Route 87, Route 88, Route 89, Route 90, Route 91, Route 92, Route 93, Route 94, US 95, Route 96, US 97, Route 98, Route 99, Route 100, US 101, Route 102, Route 103, Route 104, I-105, Route 106, Route 107, Route 108, Route 109, I-110, Route 111, Route 112, Route 113, Route 114, Route 115, Route 116, Route 117, Route 118, Route 119, Route 120, Route 121, Route 122, Route 123, Route 124, Route 125, Route 126, Route 127, Route 128, Route 129, Route 130, Route 131, Route 132, Route 133, Route 134, Route 135, Route 136, Route 137, Route 138, Route 139, Route 140, Route 141, Route 142, Route 143, Route 144, Route 145, Route 146, Route 147, Route 148, Route 149, Route 150, Route 151, Route 152, Route 153, Route 154, Route 155, Route 156, Route 157, Route 158, Route 159, Route 160, Route 161, Route 162, Route 163, Route 164, Route 165, Route 166, Route 167, Route 168, Route 169, Route 170, Route 171, Route 172, Route 173, Route 174, Route 175, Route 176, Route 177, Route 178, Route 179, Route 180, Route 181, Route 182, Route 183, Route 184, Route 185, Route 186, Route 187, Route 188, Route 189, Route 190, Route 191, Route 192, Route 193, Route 194, Route 195, Route 196, Route 197, Route 198, US 199, Route 200, Route 201, Route 202, Route 203, Route 204, I-205, Route 206, Route 207, Route 208, Route 209, I-210, Route 211, Route 212, Route 213, Route 214, I-215, Route 216, Route 217, Route 218, Route 219, Route 220, Route 221, Route 222, Route 223, Route 224, Route 225, Route 226, Route 227, Route 228, Route 229, Route 230, Route 231, Route 232, Route 233, Route 234, Route 235, Route 236, Route 237, Route 238, Route 239, Route 240, Route 241, Route 242, Route 243, Route 244, Route 245, Route 246, Route 247, Route 248, Route 249, Route 250, Route 251, Route 252, Route 253, Route 254, Route 255, Route 256, Route 257, Route 258, Route 259, Route 260, Route 261, Route 262, Route 263, LRN 264, Route 265, Route 266, Route 267, Route 268, Route 269, Route 270, Route 271, LRN 272, Route 273, Route 274, Route 275, Route 276, LRN 277, LRN 278, LRN 279, I-280, Route 281, Route 282, Route 283, Route 284, Route 285, LRN 286, LRN 287, LRN 288, LRN 289, LRN 290, LRN 291, LRN 292, LRN 294, LRN 295, LRN 296, Route 299, Route 330, I-380, US 395, I-405, Route 480, I-505, I-580, I-605, I-680, I-710, I-780, I-805, I-880, Route 905, I-980.

Note: These changes resulted in the addition of two new routes to the listing: LRN 294 and LRN 296. This will change the assignments to files for all routes above 294!

Due to the complexity and time involved in these changes, the normal monthly maintenance on the site (emailed changes, items from the news, legislative monitoring, and CHC actions) were deferred until February.

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22nd January 2008

ronkay5:07pm: Ron Kay's Guide to Zion National Park

The beauty and magic of Zion National Park - Southwest Utah
Experience it!!



1st January 2008

cahwyguy11:12am: December Updates to California Highways
The December updates to California Highways are up. These updates mark the start of a project elluded to in the last paragraph of the changes in the cut tag: reworking the chronology based on the leads provided by Nathan Edgars in his work for Wikipedia. These led me back to the original statutes, and are allowing me to not only make significant updates to the Chronology (although Nathan and I seem to have some differences of opinion on how to present the information, which is why I’m not on Wikipedia), but to make changes on a route by route basis. I invite you to look at the updated chronology, especially the early periods from 1895-1914, 1915-1932, and the information for 1933 in the 1933-1946 part. The updates post-1933 are being captured route-by-route (first the post-1963 changes and then the pre-1963 changes), and I’ve only done up to Route 22.

Additionally, go take a look at the route pages for any route between 1 and 22, and you’ll see significant new information both on the post-1963 legislative changes for the route (“Post-1964 History”), as well as updates to the earlier history (“1928-1963 History”) and the history of the route as a Legislative Route Number (“Pre-1963 Legislative Route”). You’ll now see a closer tracing of the legislative changes to the route, including quotes (where appropriate) from the legislation for each change.

As I said, this is a work in progress, so comments are welcome. After I do my beginning of year backups and some other stuff, work will continue on from Route 23.

As for the specifics of the changes, you know you want to click on the cut below...

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25th November 2007

cahwyguy7:18pm: November Update to California Highways
I just completed the November Updates to California Highways

( This Fake Cut Will Take You To The Gory Details )

7th October 2007

cahwyguy5:00pm: October Updates to California Highways

Alas, there were no September updates; I was lost in a new iPod. So here goes for early October...

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20th August 2007

majortom_thecat9:52am: Looking for road stories for a zine
Hi roadgeeks,

I hope this isn't too off topic, but I'm looking for road stories (fiction and non) and artwork for a zine.  Here are the complete guidelines.  Thank you!

13th August 2007

cahwyguy6:12pm: More Updates to California Highways
Since I got home a little bit early this afternoon, and since kaottic97 got me the correct link, I did a few more updates to the pages.

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12th August 2007

cahwyguy6:00pm: Being Obsessive About Road Signs
Those who used to travel in misc.transport.road circles know well the fights that road afficianados get into over their BGS. There was a large debate when button copy was supplanted by reflectorized signs. There is always a large debate about California never washing their older signs. The latest debate is over something called “Clearview”.

Clearview”, for those not in the road scholar world, is an emerging font being used to replace Highway Gothic on most road signs. It is believed to be easier to read, although some feel it is fugly. The New York Times has an excellent article today about Clearview, how it came about, and its supposed advantage. Well worth the reading if you are into either fonts or roads.

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cahwyguy5:48pm: July/August Updates to California Highways
The July/August updates to California Highways (“Everything You Wanted to Know About Numbered Highways in California... but were afraid to ask”) are now uploaded. I’ll note that I couldn’t do the CTC Agendas again... the July book pages were hiding behind a “403 Permission Denied” or otherwise unavailable. Hopefully kaottic97 might be able to get that resolved. There were lots of naming resolutions passed this month, plus the pages on Route 210 had some significant updates.

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24th June 2007

cahwyguy4:36pm: June Updates to California Highways
I didn't think I'd get a chance to do June updates to the California Highways pages, but a day presented itself, so here's what I've been able to squeeze in. I didn't get any website updates; perhaps later this summer I'll do a check of all referenced sites (although that isn't 100% accurate). As before, if you are aware of any updates to URLs referenced in this site, or if you have new sites dedicated to a regional area, please let me know.

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