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January Changes to California Highways

Well, the January changes to the California Highways pages are in. The gory details are below -- folks should probably click through to the legislative page changes, as there are some interesting non-highway bills there.

The first update cycle started by processing backed up email changes, notes from my reading of the papers, as well as updates from misc.transport.road. This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(1), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Michael Ballard(2), Patrick Carroll(3), Desert Neighbors(4), Dennis Holland(5), Eric McGill(6), Michael Patrick(7), and Chris Sampang(8):Route 1(1), Route 24(1), Route 77(3), Route 84(7), Route 125(2), Route 156(5), Route 185(3), Route 220(7), Route 229(8), Former US 66(4), US 101(1), I-580(1), I-710(1), and San Diego County Route S12(6).

Looked for updates for the legislative information page. Some new bills were added, but as this is early in the session, nothing was passed.

Reviewed the January CTC Summary and Web Books. I noted the following items for inclusion:

  • 2.1a. Program Amendments/Project Approvals – STIP Amendments for Action

    *** (1) The Department proposes to amend the SHOPP to change the word "physical barrier" to "suicide barrier" for the Cold Spring Canyon Bridge project near San Marcos Pass in Santa Barbara County. WITHDRAWN PRIOR TO CTC MEETING.

  • 2.1b. Program Amendments/Project Approvals – STIP Amendments for Notice

    *** (1) The Department, in conjunction with the Kings County Association of Governments and the Tulare County Association of Governments, proposes to amend the Corridor Mobility Improvement Account (CMIA), the STIP, and the TCRP (TCRP #111) for the Route 198 Expressway project near Hanford (PPNO A4360B) to increase IIP PS&E to $4,105,000, increase IIP R/W Support to $1,600,000, decrease IIP Construction Support to $5,014,000, increase IIP R/W to $5,281,000, delete IIP Construction, and program $4,500,000 IIP for a follow-up landscaping project (PPNO A4360Y). Information only.

    *** (2) The Department and the Merced County Association of Governments propose to amend the STIP to change the scope of the Los Banos Bypass project (PPNO 5707) to an environmental only project and program PS&E and Right of Way for a Los Banos Bypass Segment 1 project (PPNO 5707A) from Route 165 to 0.5 mile west of Santa Fe Grade Road. Information only.

  • 2.1c. Traffic Congestion Relief (TCR)Program Application Approvals/Amendments, Proposition 1B CMIA Program/Project Amendments

    *** (1) The Department proposes to amend the CMIA baseline agreement for the Route 101– HOV Marin/Sonoma Narrows projects to increase PA&ED and reduce PS&E;for Route 101 Marin-Sonoma Narrows - HOV (0360F) and Route 101 Marin-Sonoma Narrows - Southerly Interchange (0360J). In addition, the Department requests a TCRP amendment for TCRP #18 to designate the Transportation Authority of Marin as implementing agency for PS&E for the Route 101 Marin Sonoma Narrows - Southerly Interchange (0360J) and the Sonoma County Transportation Authority as implementing agency for PS&E for the Route 101 Marin - Sonoma Narrows- Petaluma Boulevard South Interchange (0360H) to make it consistent with the CMIA baseline agreement. Approved.

    *** (2) The Department proposes to amend the CMIA baseline agreement for the Route 24 Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore project in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to split and reprogram the original CMIA project into four segments, as follows: Segment 1 - on Route 24, from Route 13 in Alameda County to Gateway Boulevard in Contra Costa County (PPNO 0057A); Segment 2 - realign westbound Route 24 to northbound Route 13 Connector (PPNO 0057G); Segment 3 - widen Caldecott Lane at Kay Street Overcrossing and install traffic signal at Broadway and Kay Street intersection (PPNO 0057I); and Segment 4 - Establish highway planting (PPNO 0057J). Deferred until February meeting. Caldecott Executive Steering Committee to provide detailed support for construction support cost estimate for review by the Commission’s Executive Committee.

  • 2.2c. Environmental Matters – Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding, Route Adoption or New Public Road

    *** (1) 04-Sol-80, PM 11.4/20.1 Route 80 in Solano County. Construct High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in both directions in the median between Red Top Road and Air Base Parkway in Fairfield. (PPNOs 8320B, 8320D, 8230C) (MND) (CMIA) Approved.

    *** (2) 04-Son-101, PM 7.5/13.9 Route 101 in Sonoma County. Widen Route 101 from four to six lanes by adding one HOV lane in each direction from Old Redwood Highway to the Rohnert Park Expressway through the cities of Petaluma, Cotati, and Rohnert Park. (PPNO 0775) (FEIR) (CMIA) Approved.

    *** (3) 12-Ora-57, PM 16.2/21.1 Route 57 in Orange County. Widen northbound Route 57 from just south of Orangethorpe Avenue to north of Lambert Road through the cities of Placentia, Fullerton, and Brea. (PPNO 3788) (MND) (CMIA) Approved.

    *** (4) 08-Riv-91, PM 0.0/2.9 ; 12-Ora-91, PM 15.9/19.9 Route 91 in Riverside and Orange Counties. Widen Route 91 between Route 241 near Yorba Linda and Route 71 near Corona. (PPNO 4678) (MND) (CMIA) Approved.

  • 2.3c. Relinquishment Resolutions

    *** 1-Men-162-PM R0.0/R0.1 Right of way in the county of Mendocino along Route 162 from Route 101 to 0.1 mile easterly, consisting of superseded highway right of way.Approved.

  • 2.5c. State-administered STIP Transportation Enhancement Projects –– Financial Allocation

    *** (1) $1,240,000 for one State-administered STIP Transportation Enhancement (TE) project on Route 18 and Route 330 in Running Springs in San Bernardino County. This would be aesthetic improvements to rural gateway, resulting in new pedestrian access walkways, paths, and steps along with landscape work covering approximately 2.7 acres.Deferred.

    *** (2) $320,000 for one locally-administered STIP TE project (construction of a bicycle/pedestrian overcrossing.) on Route 780 in Benicia between Glen Cove Road and Military West Street. Contributions from local sources: $3,189,000. Deferred.

  • 2.5g. State-administered STIP Transportation Enhancement Projects -- Financial Allocation

    *** (1a) $28,138,000 for one State administered CMIA project on Route 1 in Monterey County, near Watsonville just south of Jensen Road to Trafton Road. This would construct a new interchange and convert 2-lane highway to 2-lane expressway.Deferred.

    *** (1b) $194,457,000 for three State-administered multi-program (CMIA/STIP) projects on Route 24 in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties for Segments 1, 2 and 3 of the Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore project. Contributions from local sources: $121,043,000. Deferred.

    *** (3a) $27,506,000 for one locally administered STIP project (interchange improvements) on Route 50 in El Dorado County, in Placerville at Missouri Flat Road. Contributions from local sources: $3,347,000. Deferred.

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