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November Changes to California Highways

Well this is it. The penultimate update for 2008. Amazing to think that just a year ago I had original route statutes on the brain :-)

As usual, I started this update cycle by processing backed up email changes, notes from my reading of the papers, as well as updates from misc.transport.road. This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(1), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Erin Armourer(2), Mike Ballard(3), Casey Cooper(4), Dominic Ielati(5), Hong Wang(6), Joel Windmiller(7)]:Route 58(1), Route 70(5), Route 71(2), Route 74(4), Route 99(7), Route 149(5), Route 210(3), I-215(3), I-405(6).

While working on my messages, I wrote again to my state senator and assemblycritter regarding the problem with the definition of Route 1 I noted during the last updates (see AB 2326, SB 1366, and SB 432 (vetoed))--see Route 1 for the details of the problem. My state senator's webpage had a link to an article about a proposal to use the Changeable Message Signs (CMSs) for advertising. Having had experience with those signs and their effect on traffic, I think this is a bad idea, and if you agree, I encourage you to write your state legislators as well.

Checked the Calnexus page to see if there had been any updates. Last I heard (in September), updates had been on hiatus due to the State of California budget situation. They had hoped to resume updates with the signed budget, but it looks like this never happened.

Looked for updates for the legislative information page. But the California legislative information page appeared to be unavailable until December 1, 2008. It is unlikely anything was done since the last update, as the legislature was only called in for a special session.

Reviewed the October CTC Summary and Web Books (there was no November meeting). I noted the following items for inclusion:

  • 2.1c. Traffic Congestion Relief (TCR)Program Application Approvals/Amendments, Proposition 1B CMIA Program/Project Amendments

    *** (2) The Department, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency propose to amend the CMIA Project and Baseline Agreement for the Route 580 Isabel Interchange Project (PPNO 0115B) to split the project into three contracts.

  • 2.2a. Environmental Matters – Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

    *** (1) Route 58 in Kern County – route adoption study for future location of Route 58 roadway extension near Bakersfield. (NOP)

    *** (2) I-80 in San Francisco County – Yerba Buena Island Ramps Improvement Project (NOP)

  • 2.2c. Environmental Matters – Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding, Route Adoption or New Public Road

    *** (1) Salinas Road Interchange Project in Monterey County – Construct an interchange and make operational improvements to Route 1 between Jensen Road and Trafton Road undercrossing. (MND)

    *** (2) Route 180 and DeWolf Avenue Interchange Freeway Agreement Project in Fresno County – Update the freeway agreement and seek route adoption and location of a future interchange between Temperance Avenue to De-Wolf Avenue. (MND)

    *** (3) Route 11 and Otay Mesa East Port of Entry Project in San Diego County – Identifies corridor for consideration of the future Route 11 and the associated port of entry. (FEIR)

    *** (4) Kings and Tulare Counties Route 198 Expressway – Widen Route 198 in Kings and Tulare Counties from 0.5 miles east of Route 43 near Hanford to 0.4 miles west of Route 99 near Visalia. (ND)

    *** (5) Route 99 in the County of Madera – Reconstruction of Route 145/Route 99 and Gateway Drive/Route 99 Interchanges. (ND)

    *** (6) Route 580 in Alameda County - Roadway improvements in the city of Livermore. (FND)

    *** (7) Public Road Connection for new interchange at Isabel Avenue (I-580). (MND)

  • 2.3a. Route Adoptions

    *** One Route Adoption as a Freeway on Route 180 at 06-Fre-180-PM R66.3/R66.9 in the county of Fresno

  • 2.3b. New Public Road Connection

    *** (1) One New Public Road Connection to Route 20 at 03-Nev-20-PM R14.3 (Dorsey Drive) in the city of Grass Valley, north of Idaho-Maryland Road.

    *** (2) One New Public Road Connection to Route 580 at 04-Ala-580-PM 14.2 (Isabel Avenue) in the city of Livermore.

  • 2.3c. Relinquishment Resolutions

    *** 2-Sha-5-PM R50.4/R50.9 Right of Way in the county of Shasta near the Pollard Flat overcrossing along Route 5, consisting of relocated or reconstructed county roads or frontage roads.

    *** 11-SD-125-PM 19.0/19.2 Right of way in the city of San Diego along Route 125 near Fletcher Parkway on East Lake Drive between Flume Road and Lake Angela Drive, consisting of relocated and reconstructed city streets.

    *** 8-Riv-86S-PM R2.54/R18.27 Right of way in the county of Riverside along Route 86S south of the Coachella city limits between Avenue 52 and Avenue 82, consisting of relocated or reconstructed county roads.

    *** 5-SLO-227-PM 0.00/0.97 Right of way in the city of Arroyo Grande on Route 227 from Route 101 to 250 feet north of Huasna Road. Authorized by Chapter 787, Statutes of 2000, which amended Section 527 of the Streets and Highways Code.

  • 2.5g. State-administered STIP Transportation Enhancement Projects -- Financial Allocation

    *** (1a) $31,500,000 for Segment 3 of the Route 580 Isabel Interchange Project in Livermore programmed in the CMIA.

    *** (1b) $29,709,000 for Segment 2 of the Route 580 HOV project in Livermore programmed in the CMIA ($20,435,000) and STIP ($9,274,000).

    *** (3a) $5,100,000 for one state-administered STIP project on Route 145 in the city of Madera at Route 99. Contributions from other sources: $3,499,000.

    *** (3b) Reduce original allocation of $23,404,000 to $18,055,000, per AB 608, for one State-administered STIP Project for Route 99/Whitmore Avenue Interchange Project in Ceres.

    *** (3c) Reduce original allocation of $33,000,000 to $25,900,000, per AB 608, for one State-administered STIP Project for Route 99 Widen to 4 lanes with a Median (Segment 4) Project in Sutter County.

    *** (5) $84,038,000 for one State administered project on Route 905 in San Diego east of the Route 805/905 separation to east of Britannia overcrossing. Contributions from other sources: $11,062,000.

    *** (6) $14,172,000 for roadway improvements on Route 580 in Livermore programmed in the SHOPP.

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