C (_____misplaced) wrote in roadgeeks,

California to Virginia

I want to start planning a roadtrip, it would be leaving south California (I'm in Palm Springs area/Coachella Valley). I am from Baltimore, visiting my grandmother in California for the summer, I am planning on moving to Norfolk, Virginia in September. I would definitely appreciate the experience of seeing the country by driving to Virginia. So it'd be you driving back by yourself, or maybe picking up a traveler in Virginia that wants to head to California (you never know!)

I do not have a vehicle, but a suspended license (that will hopefully be valid by September). We'd split everything 50/50, or however many people are coming. I have two luggages and one duffel bag. I'd like to really make this a great experience by stopping off in every state and trying to enjoy it someway. I'd love someone that shares my love of photography, and neat/kooky roadside attractions. I'd love to preplan the trip somewhat, with places (example: some hole in the wall coffee shop with great history and stories) to stop by and see on the way, or people to interact with (example: a online friend you've always wanted to meet)

A little about me, I am 26, female, born and raised in Florida, spent the last year living in Baltimore & loved it. I am very easy to get along with. I enjoy good literature, art, horror movies, and ALL kinds of music (mostly industrial, or underground hiphop) except country (but I'm sure I could deal with it).

If anyone is semi-interested or meet some of these requirements, please contact me. Or if anyone knows of ANY websites/databases that caters to People finding other People to roadtrip/travel with. I tried looking, and couldn't find any. There's got to be one, right?
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