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April/May Updates to California Highways

The April/May updates to California Highways (“Everything You Wanted To Know About Numbered Highways In California But Were Afraid To Ask”) are up.

Well, given that the March 2008 updates were done in early April, perhaps I should call them the April updates. But then again, who's kidding who? I've just been too busy with some of my other hobbies and life to get the updates done. Combine that with needing to do some painting during the weekends at home, and we're left with May updates in May.

Processed backed up email changes, and based on my reading of the papers, some mailed in updates, and some updates from misc.transport.road, I updated information on the following routes, based on my research(1), and contributions of information on leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Eric Armourer(2), James Bradley(3), Dennis Carr(4), Timothy Edwards(5), Gary Jones(6), Carl Rodgers(7), Larry Scholnick(8), and Julie Walker(9): Route 4(3), Route 23(1), Route 33(4), Route 41(8), Route 47(1), Route 52(1), Route 55(5), Route 60(1), Route 76(2), Route 125(1), Route 132(6), Route 140(7), Route 154(1), Route 243(1), US 101(1), US 395(5,9), I-10(1), I-210(1,8), I-405(1), and I-710(1).

Added a FAQ on how to get signs installed on highways.

Updated the statistics on the progress of the exit mile numbering. Thanks to Don Howe of Caltrans for this information.

Updated the legislative information page. Over 1000 bills were introduced in the Assembly in just over 30 days. Noted the passage of the following:

  • SCR 57 (Maldonado) Officer Loren D. Scruggs Memorial Highway
    Designated the portion of US 101 from the south edge of the Santa Maria River Bridge to Santa Maria Way in Santa Barbara County as the "Officer Loren D. Scruggs Memorial Highway"
    Chaptered May 14, 2008. Resolution Chapter 38.

Reviewed the April CTC Summary and Web Books (they haven't held the May meeting yet -- it is May 28-29). I noted the following items for inclusion:

  • 2.1a. Program Amendments/Project Approvals – STIP Amendments for Action

    *** (1) The Town of Yucca Valley proposes to amend TCRP Project #129 – Route 62; traffic and pedestrian safety and utility undergrounding project, to redistribute $600,000 in TCRP funds from Construction to PA&ED and update the project schedule and funding plan.

    *** (2) The Department and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) propose to amend TCRP Project #40 – Route 10; add HOV lanes on San Bernardino Freeway over Kellogg Hill, near Pomona, Route 605 to Route 57 in Los Angeles County, to designate LACMTA as a co-applicant, and to also request a Letter of No Prejudice for $61,851,000 for Construction.

  • 2.2a. Environmental Matters – Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

    *** Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR): State Route 5 in Los Angeles County – Roadway improvements near Commerce (NOP).

  • 2.2b. Environmental Matters – Comments on Documents in Circulation (Draft EIR)

    *** State Route 11 in San Diego County – New roadway construction near the city of San Diego (DEIR).

  • 2.2c. Environmental Matters – Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding, Route Adoption or New Public Road

    *** (1) State Route 53 in Lake County – Roadway improvements near Clearlake (ND).

    *** (2) State Route 80 in Sacramento County – Roadway improvements near the city of Sacramento (FEIR).

  • 2.3c. Relinquishment Resolutions

    *** 7-LA-164-PM 6.9/8.8 Route 164 in the city of Temple City, consisting of right of way in the city of Temple City. Authorized by Chapter 218, Statutes of 2007, which amended Section 464 of the Streets and Highways Code.

    *** 11-SD-5-PM R30.6, 11-SD-805-PM 28.3 Routes 5 and 805 in the city of San Diego, consisting of right of way in the city of San Diego, north and south of Sorrento Valley Boulevard, along the westerly side of Vista Sorrento Parkway, consisting of relocated and reconstructed city streets, frontage roads, and other State constructed local roads.

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